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Adapt Messages to Learning StylesNot all clients absorb information in the same way. Young people respond well to emails and blogs, while many baby boomers are turned off by jargon. The key is knowing your clients and communicating in a way that resonates with them.Read More

Mind Over GenesGuidelines For A Successful 2012
To truly become successful one needs to harness the power of their mind and ensure it has become an ally and not an enemy. Outlined in this article are a few key principles, which if adhered to will ensure that 2012 and every year thereafter is a great year. Read More

Mind Over GenesMind Over Genes
It is now recognised that the environment, and more specifically, our perception (interpretation) of the environment, directly controls the activity of our genes. Environment controls gene activity through a process known as epigenetic control. Read More

Magnetic AppealDevelop Magnetic Appeal - Part II
In a previous article I started to discuss three ways you can give your business magnetic appeal and make it easier to attract new business. In this article I continue that discussion. Read More

Magnetic AppealThree Ways To Develop Magnetic Appeal
The key to getting all the new business you would ever want and having fun doing it is all about finding out how to give you and your business magnetic appeal. Read More

Thoughts On FearThoughts On Fear
Fear has many faces that interfere and become overwhelming, more often than most of us would care to admit. The mind, with its unlimited ability to fathom up fears can take the most benign issue, enlarge it, dramatize it, create attachments that never existed, ... Read More

Practicing Scarcity While Embracing AbundancePracticing Scarcity While Embracing Abundance
When we embrace the concept of abundance we never worry about running out of opportunities to find new clients; and, as you practice scarcity you ensure you only add to the business those who truly deserve your brand of financial advice giving. Read More

If Failure Is An OptionIf Failure Is An Option
A few years ago, I coined the phrase “if failure is an option, you’ve got too many options”. The drop out rate on the fully commissioned side of the investment advisor business is exceptionally high, being around 80% over 10 years and close to 50% in the first four. Read More

What Were You ThinkingWhat Were You Thinking
We need to manage our own emotions well, if we have any hope of effectively corralling the inevitable emotions of our clients. The thinking and analysis required to perform well in this business can easily lead to a lot of over-thinking and over-analysis. Read More

The Common Denominator of SuccessThe Common Denominator of Success
Some things don't change that much and so I've taken the liberty of attaching the outline of a speech delivered in 1940 at the Life Underwriters Association Annual General Meeting, which I believe has as much relevance today as it did back then. Read More

Things My Parents Told MeThings My Parents Told Me
Those who understand the form and function of the brain will tell you that it is an amazing programmable machine where programming begins even in the womb. Read More

20 Great Prospecting Tips20 Great Prospecting Tips
The life blood of any great business is new clients, and a few years ago I came across a statistic that said the average investment advisory business in North America had natural shrinkage of about 15% per year. Read More

Defining Your RealityDefining Your Reality
I have maintained for many years now, that our business is 85% psychology and a little bit of math. What goes on in our mind, matters and we will define our success and reality by that stream of consciousness... Read More

Thoughts On ConfidenceThoughts On Confidence
I have always maintained that the absolute key to success in our business is something I call 'quiet confidence.' Read More

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