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John Steuernol

John has in excess of 41 years of experience in Canada and has worked in all facets of the wealth management business including sales, sales management and sales coaching. His depth and breath of experience and his understanding of the business allows him to bring a valuable perspective to all his coaching assignments. For close to 16 years he worked with a full range of investment advisors and teams at RBC Dominion Securities and when he retired from the firm in 2010 held the position of Vice President & National Sales Consultant.

As president of AT THE MOMENT COACHING, INC., his clients include executives, athletes and musicians. He has also helped to create two online sales diagnostic tools; The Seven Habits of Successful Sales Professionals and The Seven Habits of Successful Managers (a joint venture with the Self Management Group).

One of John’s strengths is his unique understanding of personality and it’s impact on a given role. Over the years he has assessed over 20,000 profiles thorough an instrument called TAIS which stands for The Attentional Interpersonal Style Inventory, an assessment tool designed for high performers.

During his coaching career he has worked with a number of the most successful Investment Advisors in Canada and has personally coached approximately 80% of those who went on to become President of the President’s Club, the highest award for a 3rd year advisor at RBC Dominion Securities.

John has some unique hobbies and has studied to become a Master Hypnotist, holds certification as a practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and has become an Advanced Practitioner of Thought Field Therapy.

Currently he is also studying Applied Psycho-Neurobiology through the Klinghardt Academy.

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