Power Affirmations That Work

For years we have heard about the power of affirmations and for some they have worked and yet for others there has been disappointment. In this course you will learn the key steps for making powerful affirmations that have the potential to transform your life.

For close to seven years now I have been studying and looking to discover those principles that have power. In this course I have brought together the best I have learned from leaders in the field of transformation: Dr. John Diamond, the father of Behavioral Kinesiology; Dr. Roger Callahan the developer of Thought Field Therapy; Gary Craig, a student of Dr. Callahan and the founder of Emotional Freedom Technique, and Donna Eden, founder and creator of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program and author of the best seller Energy Medicine.

You’ll discover why many affirmations have not worked and what to do about it.

You learn simple techniques that can be used for a variety of work or personal issues. Some sample affirmations that others have found helpful are:

  • "I’m at ease around people and look forward to meeting them."
  • “ I see the opportunity in every challenge.”
  • “Peace is my companion.”
  • “ I’m attracted only to healthy food.”
  • “I have a perfect balance of work and play.”

For further information and to reserve your workshop time, contact John Steuernol at john@atmcoaching.com.

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